Teacher Training

DIL’s Teacher Training program provides high quality professional development opportunities for teachers working in the underserved areas of Pakistan. Extending its services to both its own network of teachers and to other government and non-governmental organizations working in the education sector, DIL is among the few NGOs in Pakistan that has established a well-organized system for building professional competencies for teachers and principals.

DIL believes in continuous and ongoing teacher development, where concepts are reinforced and content is continuously upgraded to meet the changing environment and needs of the population. Rural and urban slum teachers’ specific training needs are in the following areas:

  • Content Knowledge: teachers have graduated from local schools, which lack proper facilities, face a shortage of qualified teachers and suffer from teacher absenteeism. Hence, in many cases, their own knowledge about various subjects is weak which necessitates training of content knowledge in different core subjects.
  • Pedagogical Skills: as students, DIL teachers were taught using traditional teacher-centered methods that emphasize rote learning instead of comprehension of new knowledge. Training is needed in student-centered approaches that encourage student participation and critical thinking.
  • Induction Training: as new teachers are hired, pre-service trainings are given on content and pedagogy with on-site extended support given from principals and peer teachers to facilitate the transition into their new role.
  • Ongoing Training: regularly upgrading subject knowledge and pedagogical skills of teachers is vital to maintaining teachers’ competence. This is provided by ongoing trainings throughout the year and on-site support from principals, peer teachers and DIL field staff.

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