Tailored Curriculum

DIL’s curriculum provides a comprehensive package of localized materials to equip students with the skills needed to succeed in today’s interconnected world as responsible life-long learners. Information is presented and explained in ways to support students’ ability to think critically, creatively and collaboratively.

Based on the 2006-7 national standards, DIL’s curriculum package sequences the subject topics throughout the year including both content (what to teach) and pedagogy (how to teach), relieving the teachers of the time consuming and often technical task of lesson planning. DIL’s approach uses best practices for all subjects and adapts those approaches to fit our student’s needs. Subjects are taught using low-cost, contextualized support materials so that our students are learning in an authentic and meaningful way.

All subject curricula is developed in close consultation with DIL’s teachers. Materials are field-tested and teacher input is received throughout the implementation process to inform future revisions. Our goal is to provide our teachers with the information and supports they find most useful and applicable in their work.

Our materials are a compilation of teacher’s guides (with daily lesson plans, activities and scripted instruction), activity kits, storybooks, audio CDs, workbooks and reference materials. We currently have curriculum packages available for the primary grades in all of the core subject areas as well as a complete ECE program for Nursery and Class KG.