Meet Akash, an 8 year old DIL student who also serves as head of his household.

Last summer, we shared the story of Akash, a DIL student who also serves as head of his household at a mere 8 years of age.
Splitting his time away from school between working in a shop and visiting his two brothers who live in an orphanage, Akash regularly struggles to make end’s meet for his family.

“I have to make sure I’m at the shop for the second shift; I need to save up a lot of money to get my brothers out of the orphanage,” Akash explains.

Akash’s father died when he was three years old, after which his mother remarried and abandoned her three children. While Akash was lucky enough to replace his father at his former place of employment, his younger brothers were not as fortunate.

Now in grade II at IRC-DIL Sobhodero School, Akash sees a bright future for himself and hopes to someday provide a pathway to that same bright future for his younger brothers.

Having learned the value of education from his time at DIL, Akash now does his best to share this gift with his brothers. He borrows books from the school library to bring along on his visits and leaves them behind for his brothers to study, sharing new titles each time he returns.

Akash will only achieve the bright future he dreams of—both for himself and his brothers—with your help.

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