This Ramadan, we are humbled by students like fourth-grader Zirwa…

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As we reflect on life’s blessings this Ramadan, we are humbled by students like fourth-grader Zirwa, who attends a DIL School in Sheikhupura, and has taken it upon herself to share the knowledge she has gained with other less fortunate students.

“I want to educate as many children as I can in my very poor neighborhood. Mothers are illiterate and they spend most of their time struggling to make a living, so are unable to concentrate on their children. This motivated me to start coaching them after school to help them with their studies and homework. It makes me happy to give to others the gift that I have received from DIL.” 

main-image-storyZirwa has scheduled her “classes” from 2 to 4 p.m. thrice a week, to help low performers. The quality education she receives at DIL has clearly had a great impact on her, and she opts to pay it forward to others in need. 

“The first day when I entered my DIL school, I took a deep breath and screamed with joy. The school had a playground, a library and a computer lab! I started going to school early just to read the books in the library. When my cousins and aunt started saying, ‘Zirwa is very intelligent,’ I knew that it was because of the education I wasreceiving at DIL.”

Almost 24 million Pakistani children do not attend school.

DIL students are encouraged to give back through outreach programs for adults and out-of-school children. Zirwa is just one example of many who take the initiative to give back to fellow students and community members. DIL’s most important asset is and always will be you – our generous donors. The circumstances have never been more grave, and the call to action never more urgent. 

We hope that during Ramadan you will continue to open your hearts in support of DIL’s children. DIL is honored to accept your Zakat and will ensure that it is utilized for Zakat-eligible student expenses. We pray that this Holy Month brings you peace and happiness.

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