Help Drive Social Change This Ramadan!

  • DIL Students are Social Change Agents

Social Change is Driven from Within

One day, in the small Sindhi village of Larhi, two young sisters—Shumaila and Rozeena—suddenly stopped attending their local DIL school. When their class-fellows discovered that the sister had to quit school to tend to livestock as their father was in poor health, they sprung into action.

Shumaila and Rozeena Working

They visited the girls’ home and pointed out to their parents that if their daughters were able to complete a holistic education with access to advanced learning programs, they would be able to support themselves and the family in the future. The class-fellows raised funds to cover the cost of stationery and notebooks. The sisters are back in school, and to this day, benefit from the kindness and insight of their fellow students.

Class Fellows with Mother

At DIL we believe education not only gives girls and boys the skills they need to pursue their ambitions, but also empowers them from the earliest days to become women and men of conscience, giving back to their communities and uplifting others when they are suffering. We aim to create a generation of young Pakistanis who are as compassionate as they are bright. Today we ask you to be part of the solution by giving girls like Shumaila and Rozeena a chance to fulfill their dreams.

Today we ask you to be a part of the solution; to empower underprivileged children to change their lives. This Ramadan, your zakat can make a real difference in the lives of girls across Pakistan through a quality education.

Those who give in charity will be richly rewarded. Qur’an (57:10)


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